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3655 Fish Meyc Lace Detail Long Dress

3655 Fish Meyc Lace Detail Long Dress

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 100% polyester


 Cotton: sweat is often preferred because it allows it to evaporate into the air. It can be washed in hot water.

Viscose: due to its structure it is very soft and color durability is high. It can be washed in the machine.

Acrylic: soft, light and comfortable. Easy to wash and dry quickly due to its low humidity draw properties. Washable in the machine

Polyester: they do not wrinkle too much and they have high color durability. It has a light structure, it can be washed in the machine.

Scuba Diver: wraps the body, is flexible, has a durable structure. Dry cleaning is recommended.

Sile gland: sweat evaporates into the air because it is frequently preferred during the summer period.

Lycra/elastane: a strong, durable, synthetic weaving type. It can shrink in hot water. Dry cleaning is recommended.

Linen: durable and absorbent properties, especially used in the summer, keeps the linen products cool and does not sweat. It should be ironed while it is damp.

Wool: it has moisture draw properties, it protects the body from heat. Just dry t

Note: Dry cleaning is recommended to increase the duration of use of all fabric types except polyester.

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