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Confetti Rug Sweet Heart Kids Room Kindergarten Game

Confetti Rug Sweet Heart Kids Room Kindergarten Game

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Confetti Rug Sweet Heart Kids Room Kindergarten Game


Product Features
In the washing machine at 30°C Washable
Non-Slip Base
24 Months Warranty



100 % Polyamide
Total Carpet Weight : 2300 g / m2
Yarn Height : 9 mm

Hand Carved Cut Pile Carpet

Decorative and comfort high impact, straight-cut carpet.

The carpet is soft and comfortable
No other flooring is carpet so soft and comfortable.

- Soft and warm touch offers
- Six foot provides comfort
- The atmosphere of a warm room
- Lifetime anti-static protection


Carpet fashion and is the Creator
No other carpet flooring colors, patterns and designs is able to offer a choice of.

- Unlimited color and design options
- Suit your personal preferences
- Each type decoration style
- Creates the atmosphere of the room you want

Carpet Is Durable
No other flooring can provide the durability along with the comfort of carpeting.

- Flexible. Stretches under pressure
Wear - resistant
- Protects beautiful appearance for long years
- Choosing the right fiber with good quality

Carpet is healthy and safe
Carpet no other flooring is as safe and healthy.

- Reduces the dust in the air
- Prevents slippage and accidents
- A friend of the spine and joints
- Reduces stress by reducing background noise

Carpet Is Environmentally Friendly
Carpet no other flooring can provide energy savings.

- Energy saving with thermal insulation
- Eco-friendly fibers and carpet production
- Thermal energy can be produced by burning
- Suitable for recycling

Easy Carpet Care
No other flooring carpeting is unable to provide the same level of comfort ease of maintenance.

- No need for wet cleaning, the carpet is vacuumed
- Dirt and stain protection can be added
- Needs less maintenance than hard floors
- Special fiber technologies with best results

Why Confetti Carpet Polyamide
Produced with polyamide yarn Confetti Carpets, all kinds of work to accommodate their interior designers, in-trend color and pattern options are designed in accordance with. Environmentally friendly production, ensuring your comfort in your home with a warm atmosphere that creates six-foot our carpets polyamide, with improved room acoustics airborne sound isolation in your home by providing noise control is provided. The wheels and seat also wear the signs of durability, elasticity, long carpet with the ease of use allows you to come back to your old self in a manner that ensures that you are noticeable.

Anti-Allergic Carpet
Allergy and asthma according to the doctor, to breathe the air of allergens transported by air cumulative (cumulative Fitness) is a problem. The type of carpet that you use in your home to protect yourself from these problems is also important.
Polyamid carpets of confetti due to the chemical structure, does not contain bacteria. Asthma patients who are allergic to the mites and the carpets of our houses for you, health is the most important thing in the room that your small child can easily use.

Non-Slip Base
The carpet which protects you from accidents such as slip and falls, Confetti, Latex non-slip soles completely down to the floor, sitting in your homes can be used.
Latex base that does not contain no carcinogens is very high quality and can be used for long years.

The Property Of Being Washable In The Washing Machine

Your carpet is a flexible, foldable structure, can wash in the washing machine or by hand.

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