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Hills Mature 7+ Old Tuna Cat Food 2 Kg

Hills Mature 7+ Old Tuna Cat Food 2 Kg

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A completely balanced cat food that provides nutrition for cats aged 7 years and over. The content is balanced and natural. The content of energy, protein, vitamins and minerals was created. Reduced phosphorus ratio and increased fiber ratio. Does not contain preservatives and colorings. Tuna is a nutritious complete adult cat food dry. 

· Balanced protein and mineral levels which is the key to a healthy life
· Tempered with vitamins E and C help protect kidney health
· Support quality content that is composed of the digestive system of older cats
· For cats that protects them from the damaging effects of the kidney which is a vital function formullu special
· Clinically proven antioxidant effect
· Contains Omega 3 and reduced phosphorus
· Balanced vitamin and mineral rate. And Nov high-quality protein which strengthens the bone structure, as well as reduced phosphorus and magnesium and a complete nutritional balanced food for cats aged over 7 years with a level
· Functions of the urinary system regulates the level of phosphorus is reduced, since it provides protection from kidney diseases
· Adequate absorption of nutrients and with high digestibility provides a reduction in the volume of stool. · Contains taurine, which strengthens and protects the functions of heart and vision
· Vitamin E, vitamin C, beta carotene and selenium are natural antioxidants and arginine, such as the combination of strengthens the immune system
· Healthy skin and hair growth, gives shine to hair contains essential fatty acids

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