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Annette Jane Iredale Pure Moist Lipstick Lip Stick

Annette Jane Iredale Pure Moist Lipstick Lip Stick

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Anette Jane Iredale Pure Moist lip stick 3 G

Mature, fruit juice that tastes like the colors of your lips and adds a tremendous depth makes it stand out. This creamy ,rich and smooth formula is easily applied and lasting throughout the day. Custom design packaging is designed to apply more perfect.
Moringa oil contains proven soothing property.
Orange peel, Avocado oil nourishes and makes the lips feel moist and chichewa months.
Vitamins A and C, and the lips of coffee extract, anti-oxidant protection.
Very special and delicious flavors offers organic fruit extracts pomegranate and raspberry by stimulating your senses.
Thanks to the new packaging, even your lipstick without using a mirror you can take!
To create depth or contrast your lip color, a lip pencil under your lipstick by using expand.




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