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Valice My Cabin Luggage Size Premium ABS Silver

Valice My Cabin Luggage Size Premium ABS Silver

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Against bumps that can withstand maximum 100% pure ABS raw material is manufactured with.

All accessories mounted on the body instead of steel rivets attached with a screw. Thus, both provide the track changes and possible durability and long life easily can be performed smoothly.

Rubber-Silicone mixture, independent of each other 360° rotatable, 4-wheel drive, comfortable and quiet gives you the possibility to travel.

Overhead with 4 aluminum corner wheel system and pull your luggage carries. You just route your suitcase remains.

Double-side embossed body structure.

Silicone coated (soft touch) without hurting your hand, more comfortable to carry with soft handles in your suitcase. (Cabin size suitcase carrying handle side is not included.)

Internally, you can easily change any number combination lock with a system in which your belongings will remain safe.

Disperse within the inner belt wheel locked with your belongings.

The double-sided zippered luggage can be put in handy that you can separate your stuff with internal departments.

Structure with a lighter body than their counterparts, the quota of luggage is a friend.

Our products are completely manufactured. Procurement and supply of aftermarket parts for this reason never have trouble, you won't.

All replaceable parts, guaranteed for 2 years against manufacturing defects and workmanship.

Dimensions and weight

Large size: 77x50x31cm 3950gr

Medium: 66x44x27cm 3250gr

Cabin height: 57x38x23cm 2650gr

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